The Science
of Full Spectrum

Discover why potent CBDa makes our Full Spectrum Skincare range the most effective CBD topicals around.

An Introduction to CBD

Say No, Thank You to chemicals

Why use a processed chemical when there’s a natural option? CBD has been dazzling the world of skincare since people started experiencing this ingredient’s wonderful qualities.

A natural champion

CBD is already renowned as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Every day at No, Thank You we hear first hand the experiences of people using it for relief from body fatigue and discomforts, reducing redness and balancing complexion.

But CBD does even more than you think: from optimising the effects of vitamin C, to helping exfoliants be gentler, and making lip balm even more moisturizing.

Let’s talk about equality.

When it comes to CBD, purity matters. And not all CBD is created equal. For maximum benefit you want the closest thing to the real, raw goodness of the cannabis plant.

Why? The majority of standard CBD available is extracted by processes like heating or curing. It’s quicker and cheaper to produce CBD that way, but it destroys the natural therapeutic qualities of CBDa – the raw, natural form – which totally sucks!



Concentrate on CBDa

“CBDa?”, you say. Yep. That’s the raw, natural compound produced by the cannabis plant with ah-mazing anti-inflammatory properties and an entourage of other benefits.

CBDa is the prominent cannabinoid NTY’s full-spectrum extract, and works in a totally different – and much more effective way – to CBD. Why haven’t you seen it? Because it’s hard and expensive to extract.

Love your endocannabinoid system. (en·​do·​can·​na·​bi·​noid)

Everybody has an endocannabinoid system and every body already produces its own cannabinoids to regulate all sorts of things like metabolism, appetite, and inflammation response.

In CBDa-rich, full-spectrum CBD, it’s like nature designed a perfect partner for looking after your skin. You can absorb CBDa to nourish, protect and encourage your endocannabinoid system to do what it does best.

Full spectrum skincare.

Even more magic happens when you mix our CBDa-rich full-spectrum CBD with other powerful natural ingredients and plant extracts to balance, complement and amplify their effects.

Every one of our products was created with this aim, whether it’s working with menthol and wintergreen oil in our Cream for Relief or teaming up for a more gentle and effective vitamin C serum.

Our Full Spectrum Skincare range is made with love and care for everybody.

Want to know more?

We’re writing the book on CBD skincare.

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  • CBD in skincare
  • All about cannabis
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  • Terpenes
  • Extraction methods
  • Lab testing
  • Nano-encapsulation
  • Other ingredients
  • NTY product overviews
  • An oil for all day
  • A mask for night
  • A balm for lips
  • A facial cleanser for anytime
  • A cream for relief
  • Conclusion
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