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  • Made with vitamin rich extracts (Vitamin E!) and anti-inflammatory ingredients, when applied the cream naturally eases pain from muscle aches and chronic conditions. . .such as Spondylosis! You can immediately feel the cooling and tingling effect that it has on the skin. It has really helped me alleviate and cope with my back pain.

  • Jody Miller gives her comprehensive guide to CBD skin care

  • This cool new brand’s take on a vitamin C oil serum is packed with ingredients we love. It uses THD ascorbate to provide the benefits of vitamin C, but your skin will also benefit from the 300 mg of full spectrum CBD, which help soothe any inflammatory reactions and may even keep breakouts at bay.

  • This overnight mask is packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients including coconut water, green tea, and full-spectrum CBD so that skin is glowing when you wake up.

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