First up…

Simple quality

It might be nature, it might be nurture, but we don’t understand why anyone would create something that isn’t the very best version of itself. We hold this simple principle of utmost quality in everything we make, from ingredients to process to finished product. If you ever feel a No, Thank You product could be improved – please let us know.

Up next…

Advancing sustainability

As a global society our ambitions for sustainability are way ahead of where we’re at. But that’s where we are, and we are constantly making sure No, Thank You is doing everything it can to be as sustainable as possible.

And finally…

Total honesty

It’s easy to talk about principles. Practicing them is what counts, and it takes practice to get anywhere near perfect. Our third principle promises total honesty on our journey. And by being honest with ourselves we make better and stronger connections with our suppliers, employees, collaborators and customers.

Our skin isn’t what makes us different, it’s what makes us all the same.

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