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UV Safety Awareness Month - Natural Ingredients That Boost Your SPF | NTY BLOG

UV Safety Awareness Month - Natural Ingredients That Boost Your SPF | NTY BLOG - No, thank you

July is National UV Safety Awareness Month...

and while we stand by CBD + CBDa being the most essential skincare ingredient around (because duh), we can't deny how crucial it is to protect your skin from UV rays. No, we don't have an SPF product at No, Thank You CBD Skincare (never say never though!) but we DO have some high-impact botanicals that have natural SPF properties and can boost your favorite sunscreen! The key to success? Antioxidants.

Why are antioxidants important in sun protection?

Antioxidants help defend your skin from harmful environmental stressors (like free radicals) that can ultimately lead to some severe skin & body consequences like cellular damage and skin cancer. What you may not know though is that those UVA and UVB rays you hear about when shopping for sunscreens - they’re the culprits responsible for the production of free radicals. UV radiation = free radicals, yikes! So, while wearing SPF will help block a majority of the sun’s rays, adding in some potent antioxidants provides an extra line of defense and protection.


NTY's Top 5 SPF Boosting Ingredients

Raspberry Seed Oil
    • Contains a high concentration of vitamin A which can help offset oxidative stress and may help promote collagen production
    • Fatty acid content keeps skin’s barrier supported and ready to defend
    • Has natural protection properties similar to SPF 25 - 50 (UVB protection) and SPF 8 (UVA protection)
    Carrot Seed Oil
      • Contains a high concentration of beta carotene and vitamins B, C, D and E for maximum antioxidant support 
      • Vitamin C is well documented for it’s ability to visibly brighten and firm the skin
      • Has natural protection properties similar to SPF 38 - 40

        Coconut Oil
        • One of the most commonly used oils in beauty routines thanks to it’s emollient properties and nourishing fatty acid content
        • Contains natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to help keep skin’s barrier well supported
        • Has natural protection properties similar to SPF 2-8

          Jojoba Oil
          • Very similar to skin’s natural oils (sebum), it helps replenish skin’s moisture barrier
          • Contains a high amount of Vitamins A & E for boosted antioxidant defense from damaging environmental stressors
          • Has natural protection properties similar to SPF 4

            Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


            You didn’t think we’d forget our fave did you? While it may not have natural SPF properties like the botanicals listed above, it’s just as moisturizing and acts as a major anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant booster. The best part about our superior CBD blend is that we only use full-spectrum which means all cannabinoids are left intact and ready to benefit your skin including CBDa - the anti-inflammatory superstar.

            You can learn more about what makes CBDa so special in our previous blog, The Benefits of CBDa: The Superstar Cannabinoid.

            If you’re ready to boost your SPF game with the ingredients mentioned above, we recommend….


            An Oil for All Day | Brightening Vitamin C Face Oil


            300mg full-spectrum CBD + CBDa oil
            3% THDA (Vitamin C)
            Raspberry Seed Oil
            Carrot Seed Oil
            Jojoba Oil


            A Balm for Lips | Nourishing Cocoa Butter Lip Balm


            25mg full-spectrum CBD + CBDa oil
            Coconut Oil
            For more info on CBDa benefits and the other potent oils found in our skin care formulas, check out some of the videos on our science page, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest tips and tricks.

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