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Top 5 Signs Your Skin is Inflamed

Top 5 Signs Your Skin is Inflamed - No, thank you

Inflammation is a crazy thing and a real pain in the neck (sometimes literally) for most of us. While none of us are immune to an inflammatory response, it’s important to recognize what might constitute as one and how to best provide yourself some soothing topical relief.

Aches and pains are the biggest signs of “below the surface” inflammation but today we’re talking all things skincare so let’s check out the Top 5 Signs Your Skin is Inflamed:

Sign 1: Redness

The easiest one to spot. Inflammatory response by nature is the way our bodies tell us that it’s on the defense and trying to get rid of something it doesn’t like. Redness generally means your skin was exposed to an aggressor like bad bacteria or those nasty free radicals floating around in the air.

Sign 2: Sensitive to the touch or irritable

If you’re noticing that your skin is feeling hot to the touch or extra irritable, this is definitely a sign of inflammation. A compromised skin barrier can be bad news when it comes to feeling the effects of inflammation - the more you “damage” it, the more susceptible it is to the feeling of sensitivity and uncomfortability.

Sign 3: Dry patches or areas of dehydration

Yes, dryness is a sign of inflammatory response but it’s a little more complicated than you might think. We already mentioned a compromised skin barrier and one of the most common ways to damage it is by stripping it out its natural oils and moisture. If you’re seeing dry patches, show your skin some moisturizing love before the other inflammatory responses creep in. 

Sign 4: Blemishes

They’re gross, we don’t like them but they’re often a part of our lives, right? A breakout is (in layman's terms) an inflamed pore. That gross acne bacteria that lives on the surface of our skin crept it along with excess oil and dead skin cells and caused a breakout. What you’re seeing is the body’s way of trying to get rid of it.

Sign 5: Rashes/eczema/psoriasis

These types of concerns are commonly addressed as “chronic inflammation” and usually require support from a medical professional. 

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For more info on inflammation, check out some of the videos on our science page or our Inflammation 101 blog and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest tips and tricks.

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