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Scary Skin This Halloween? No, Thank You…

Scary Skin This Halloween? No, Thank You… - No, thank you

Believe us, we’re ALL about the spooky makeup looks for Halloween this year but spooky skin? Nope. 


If you’re already using and loving our products for their smoothing, refining and calming benefits, you’re already on the right track. Let’s break down (3) of our faves that are going to help make your All Hallow’s Eve one for the books… Or just one for the looks. 🎃

A Cleanser for Anytime

Makeup looks 101: start with clean skin right? Right. Whether you’re going for a subtle glam or pulling out all the stops, you need a smooth, clean canvas to help with the blendability and longevity of your makeup. Our Cleanser for Anytime is the perfect way to prep skin while providing soothing and clarifying benefits. 

Ingredients like charcoal powder and glycolic acid remove impurities and absorb excess oil as they help to dissolve dead skin cells on the surface that could accentuate texture issues – especially with grease paints or full-coverage foundations which, let’s be honest, aren’t always the most forgiving. Better yet, full-spectrum CBD is going to help soothe irritable skin and decrease the appearance of redness! Let’s reserve that for your blush or rosey cheeks from dancing the night away.

Use it again at the end of the night (or the next morning, we don’t judge a good time!) to take it all off – just be careful of the eye areas! If you really went in with the makeup, start off with your favorite makeup remover or pre-cleanse and incorporate A Cleanser for Anytime as your second cleanse to make sure it’s ALL gone. Skin is left looking and feeling clean, healthy, calm and glowing! 


An Oil for All Day

Alright, you cleansed and now you’re ready to begin your makeup application. NOPE! We need to get that skin nice and moisturized and the best way to do that is with a fast-absorbing, lightweight treatment like An Oil for All Day. Packed with antioxidant-rich botanical oils and 3% THDA (vitamin C), it provides maximum nourishment without ever feeling greasy or sticky on skin. It’s this type of nourishment that will keep your complexion products from getting patchy or creasing as easily throughout the night, while helping you achieve a natural-looking glow and plumpness to skin.

Pro-tip! If you naturally fall on the drier side, mix a few drops into your foundation to help with the application process. It’s especially great for full-coverage foundation that has a tendency to grab onto dry patches or areas of texture.

Just like our cleanser, use it again at the end of the night once you’ve removed your makeup. Full-glam looks aren’t always the kindest to complexions, so massage 3-10 drops onto clean, dry skin when you’re getting ready for bed to help soothe irritation and recoup some of the moisture you may have lost while out and about.


A Cream for Relief

Whether you plan on walking around trick or treating, hitting up some parties or just passing out goodies at home, chances are some soothing pain relief is in the cards. Especially considering some of the uncomfortable (albeit super cute) costume and footwear choices you’re likely making. We’re all guilty of it but it’s so worth it.

Our Cream for Relief provides instant, long-lasting pain relief to feet, hands, joints and anywhere else on the body that needs some soothing T.L.C. Loaded with full-spectrum CBD (including the anti-inflammatory powerhouse ingredient CBD-A) and warming/cooling ingredients like Mint, Wintergreen and Black Pepper Oils, bring it along with you and apply as often as you like at the first sign of distress.

Pro-tip! Try massaging it onto your feet before hitting the town as a preventative maintenance step!

Bonus Tips

  • Before applying products like longwear liquid lipsticks, prep with A Balm for Lips to form a nourishing barrier while preventing chapping and cracking.
  • If you really put your skin through it, apply A Mask for Night on top of An Oil for All Day for an ultra-hydrating, soothing boost to your bedtime skincare routine.


For those who may be prone to breakouts after wearing glam, or maybe that sweet tooth has your skin looking a little distressed and “blah”, check out our last blog to learn about the benefits of vitamin C for blemish prone skin!


Now, go have fun, be safe and share your best Halloween looks (and NTY prep steps!) with us on Instagram – we can’t wait to see!

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