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Pro-Tips for National Hydration Day

Pro-Tips for National Hydration Day - No, thank you

Pride Month is still going strong and while you might still be feeling 100%, how’s your skin doing? All the outdoor festivities, dancing, sweating, drinks….and more drinks… can take their toll on the skin but don’t worry, some hydrating products can get it back on track in no time.

June 23rd is National Hydration Day so now’s the perfect time to understand why keeping skin hydrating is a non-negotiable along with a few tips to keep you looking fresh and flawless for Pride and beyond.


What is hydration?

Without getting TOO science-y it’s the process of your body absorbing water content. This can be by consuming it or using topical ingredients that attract it to your skin.


Why is hydration important?

Our bodies are made up of over 50% water - it’s a crucial part of our diet to keep everything functioning properly and looking its best. If you’ve ever seen food go through the dehydrating process, or forgotten to water a plant you’ll know what we mean.


How do I know I need hydration?

You’ll know your entire body is dehydrated when you feel SUPER thirsty but also start losing energy or feel disoriented. In this case, drinking water will help re-hydrate. When it comes to skin, you’ll likely experience tightness, inflammation and dullness/more pronounced lines or texture. If you’re seeing these symptoms, layer in some topical hydration as well.


What should I use to hydrate my skin?

Humectants are going to be your saving grace! These are ingredients that attract water to the skin will keep skin cells hydrated and happy for skin that looks plumper, glowier and well-supported. Some examples include: Hyaluronic Acid, Honey, Glycerin and Panthenol.

Bonus Tip: Partner humectants with moisture-locking ingredients to make sure that water doesn’t go anywhere! Our favorites are Niacinamide and botanical oils (like CBD!)


Check out some of these NTY CBD Skincare essentials for hydrating, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory support:


A Mask for Night


Packed with Manuka Honey, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) and full-spectrum CBD + CBDa to hydrate skin, calm inflammation and visibly plump lines.

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An Oil for All Day


Full-Spectrum CBD+CBDa partners with Vitamin C and nourishing botanicals to lock in moisture, visibly brighten dark spots and calm visible inflammation.


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A Balm for Lips


Nourishing Cocoa Butter and full-spectrum CBD+CBDa soothe dry, inflamed lips and there’s no flavoring that can dehydrate lips further from lip-licking!

Shop it HERE.


For a Limited Time, try minis of An Oil for All Day and A Balm for Lips in an EXCLUSIVE Pride Celebration Kit perfect for Pride and National Hydration Day.  


*10% of all kit sales will be donated to the fellow LGBTQ+ - operated organization, DAP Health.

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Want to learn more about the difference between moisture and hydration? We have a blog dedicated to it! We’d love to hear all about what you’re doing for Pride (or National Hydration Day!) - follow us on Instagram and share your plans!


For more information on CBDa benefits, head over to our Science Page and get ready to learn!


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