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Fitness + CBD - Interview with Fitness Pro Elise Riddell | NTY Pro Chat

Fitness + CBD - Interview with Fitness Pro Elise Riddell | NTY Pro Chat - No, thank you

Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is crucial when it comes to physical and mental wellbeing. You know what else is crucial in your daily routine? You guessed it – topical CBD products!


While many of us have found a fitness regimen perfect for our individual needs, we’re not immune to the aches and pains attached to them – even those happier, “it hurts because it worked!” moments. This month, The NTY Team interviewed several experts ranging from fitness to healthcare, asking them to share their best practices and insights into the benefits of CBD in their respective fields.



First up, Elise Riddell, Trainer and Boxing Instructor at Box Union in Santa Monica, CA. 



Tell us a little bit about your background.



Elise: Hello I’m Elise Riddell, a trainer here at Box Union in Santa Monica! I come from a dance background (I’ve danced since I was three years old) and I got into boxing and coaching here for a year. I started boxing in June of 2021 and was like “where was this my entire life?!” 



When did you know this was going to be your career and how did you go about making it happen? Was there something in particular that sparked your passion for fitness?


Elise: After we took our first class! I reached out to the coaches the next day and went through an entire auditioning program. We had to interview, complete a six-month training program to learn how to coach, optimize our boxing technique and motivate others to achieve their full potential. 



Why is fitness so important when it comes to self-love & self-care moments?


Elise: I mean just like, overall, even if you can just get a couple minutes in – it’s such a nice reset mentally and physically to set everything else aside. In those moments, it’s all about you. In boxing, we talk so much about the mental, going beyond your mental barriers and pushing yourself further than you think is possible.




How would you describe the impact a consistent fitness regimen can have on combating inflammation (both skin & body)?


Elise: Overall, after I’ve been able to workout, I’ve found that my body feels better. I’ve had bad shoulders, bad ankles (anything you can think of as a trainer) but as I’ve gotten more active, I’ve found those things bother me less. There’s a subtle strength that benefits the whole body when you train regularly. 


What are some of the biggest fitness-myths you hear that you’re determined to debunk?


Elise: Honestly, the negative self-talk. Anyone is capable of anything, they just have to take the first step. Don’t talk yourself out of something. The fitness world can seem daunting, as can group workouts but understanding that everyone here is cheering you on as a teammate can help silence the negative self-talk.


Tell us about your personal experience with CBD / topical CBD products?


Elise: I’ve tried so many different pain relief solutions. I’ve got bad shoulders, isn’t that a great thing as a boxing instructor? NTY specifically, has saved me so I can coach the next morning. Instant relief. This stuff has saved my life. A natural pain solution for exactly where it hurts is the best approach.  


How have they helped in your (or a client’s) recovery post-workout?

Elise: The Cream For Relief has helped me take on the rest of my day after an intense workout! 


Favorite No, Thank You product?


Elise: Cream For Relief, most definitely!


What are some best practices for sticking with a working regimen (especially around New Year’s resolution time!)


Elise: When we allow for resistance around our fitness, it’s very hard to overcome so we need to make it as direct for ourselves as possible. The best thing to do is find something that makes you happy and commit to the routine. Plan your workouts ahead of time and stick to it. Book it and have it in your schedule and go. 


Lastly, for the fun of it, share a funny story or fitness-related fail since starting your journey!


Elise: When I first started, I fell off the stage doing a reverse lunge. That was fun… I still coached as I was going down and got right back up. The show must go on.



If you’re in the Santa Monica, CA area and want to connect with Elise, follow her on Instagram @elisemari3 or check out class availability for Box Union HERE.


To learn more about No, Thank You and why CBD is an absolute must-have in your daily beauty routine, check out our story and the science behind the brand now, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all the essentials!

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