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NTY Celebrates Pride Month: Graham’s Pride Essentials

NTY Celebrates Pride Month: Graham’s Pride Essentials | No, thank you

June is Pride Month and at NTY we’re all about it! 

As a company that fully-celebrates inclusivity and the importance of community, we’re always looking for ways to support and bring awareness to likeminded individuals and organizations.  

For the entire month of June, we’re excited to highlight several thought-provokers in an interview series, led by our very own Graham Smith -  co-founder of NTY CBD Skincare and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community himself!

Next week, we start our series with Derek Marshall - a local, openly gay local politician currently campaigning for Congress in California’s 23rd District but before he steps into expert reporter mode, let’s check in with Graham to see what he can’t go without as the Pride festivities begin!


Graham’s Top 5 Pride Essentials


(1) NTY’s Pride Celebration Kit

How could I not mention this?! So many pride activities happen outside. In addition to sun damage, you’re probably going to be dehydrated from all of your partying. Our hypoallergenic lip balm will keep your lips happy while you’re out, but at the end of the day, it’s time for some intense self-care before getting back out! The Cream for Relief in there is a LIFESAVER for my feet after being out and about all day long.


(2) SPF 

While this isn’t a product NTY has just yet (😉😉😉), be sure to carry your favorite with you and don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours. See above about being outside all day - Sun burn is never a good look… never.


(3) Water

And lots of it! In my partying heyday (a lifetime ago when I was still living in London), one of my friends always used to say “hydrate or die”! Harsh words but sage advice :)


(4) Good Company

Like most celebrations, Pride is better with friends! Of course, that’s not a strict requirement though - it’s also a great place to meet new ones.


(5) An Open Mind and Being Your Authentic Self

Even within the queer community, the spectrum of people is huge. First, it’s important to be yourself. Pride is all about showing who you are and not being ashamed of anything. That can look really different depending on who you are as a person. It’s possible that you might see something new that could make you feel uncomfortable but remember that you probably have more in common with that individual than you think! At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and fighting for the same cause!

Excited for Graham’s interviews? Be sure to keep an eye on our blogs page and follow us on Instagram for all things Pride the remainder of June and beyond!

Interested in the NTY Pride Celebration Kit Graham mentioned? Check it out HERE! 10% of all kit sales will be donated to DAP Health, a fellow LGBTQ+ owned and operating organization.

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