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No, Thank You’s Soothing Holiday Hacks

No, Thank You’s Soothing Holiday Hacks - No, thank you
Ready for the understatement of the year? Holidays can be stressful. You know it, I know it, but at No, Thank You we’re here to help! Stress can manifest itself in many different ways - last minute gift shopping, travel, seeing that long-lost relative who irritated you that one time etc. but what you may not realize is the impact it can have on your skin and body. 
Taking care of yourself this holiday season is not only important but essential and we have (5) easy hacks to help you power through.


(1) Avoid “Winter Skin”


  • Dry patches, increased sensitivity and visible redness are just a few examples of Winter Skin. Regardless of where you’re located in the world, you’re not immune to it but you CAN help combat it by incorporating some best practices and products into your daily routine. 
    • Cover up when you can! If you live in a colder climate, snow and harsh winds are the biggest culprit, but those who live in warmer clients should look at the sun and dry air similarly. Whether it’s a scarf or a sun hat, help offset some of the skin-aggravating effects by covering up appropriately to avoid inflammatory response brought on by the elements.
      • Incorporate soothing skincare ingredients into your routine! We recommend those packed with full-spectrum CBD and nourishing botanicals to help get your skin’s barrier back to a happy, healthy state. A Balm for Lips will help keep the delicate skin on and around lips nourished with a moisturizing, protective layer, while A Mask for Night is the perfect before-bed step for skin that's visibly smoother and less inflamed by morning.


(2) Keep your Cream for Relief handy at all times!


  • Inflammation looks different on everyone, including when it’s not visible. We’re talking to you, aches and pains. While some may have the luxury of a super-chill Holiday Season, many experience the muscle cramps and joint pain associated with gift wrapping, light hanging, marathon cooking and end-of-year deadlines (Hello, tech neck and keyboard cramps). And yes, even though some of these pains are more fun than others like dancing the night away or exploring winter wonderlands, they all need to be addressed.
    • Cue A Cream for Relief. Packed with a whopping 500mg/oz of full-spectrum CBD (including the anti-inflammatory superstar cannabinoid CBDa) and warming/cooling oils like Wintergreen and Black Pepper, you can rest assured it’s fast-acting relief will allow you to fully enjoy the holiday festivities. PS… did you know it’s now available in a mini-size? Toss one in your travel or everyday bag for consistent relief on the go!


(3) Clean skin = happy, holiday skin


  • Want to know who’s not invited to the Holiday Party? Congested pores and blemishes. It’s long been said that “great skin starts with clean skin” and that statement rings especially true during the holidays. Incorporating a daily cleanser that not only refines skin texture as it removes impurities but also calms and nourishes is a must. Yes, it may seem simple, but we forget that being out-and-about exposes us to harmful external stressors like pollution that can have long term effects on our skin if not removed properly. And standing over all those steaming pots and pans on the stove top isn’t exactly helping the cause either.
    • A Facial Cleanser for Anytime gently removes pore-clogging impurities as it dissolves flakey, winter skin with Activated Charcoal and Glycolic Acid but better yet, nano emulsified CBD moisturizes and supports a healthy skin barrier so you can put your best face forward. 


(4) Properly prep skin before makeup


  • Who doesn’t love a good holiday look? For many of us, it’s the time of year when we can be extra-festive (literally) with our glam: holiday parties, New Year’s Eve etc. That makes it all the more important to ensure your skin is well nourished and set up for success - especially prior to complexion products like foundation, concealer and highlighter. Starting with a smooth, plump complexion will not only assist in the initial application, but also help increase the wear time.
    • Try incorporating a lightweight oil like An Oil for All Day! The fast-absorbing oil blend helps full-coverage products glide on with ease as 3% THDA (vitamin c) helps keep skin firmer, plumper and visibly more radiant as you hit the town.


(5) Stay calm and be merry!


  • Yes, it’s important and not just because we want you to have a great holiday! Stress, similar to what we mentioned earlier with inflammation, can manifest itself in many ways - including our appearance and overall well being! When we feel stressed, our bodies begin to produce a larger amount of something called cortisol (aka the stress hormone). When we’re experiencing high levels of cortisol it can not only lead to feelings of anxiousness, irritability and fatigue, but also flushed skin, increased oil production and even breakouts!
    • So, without getting too science-y: the calmer and happier you stay during the holidays, the better you’ll look and feel!


From our No, Thank You family to yours, we’re wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season filled with lots of love, happiness, great food and even better skin!


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