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Dating Pro Tips from Date Maven Suzanna Mathews | NTY Blog

Dating Pro Tips from Date Maven Suzanna Mathews | NTY Blog - No, thank you

Post-Valentine’s Day Prep: 5 Things to do for (another) great date!

by Suzanna Mathews


Successful Valentine’s Day? An AMAZING evening with that new (or current) special someone? I’m sure many of you are looking for ways to keep the holiday momentum going, trying to determine what the perfect next- experience might be. Below are some quick ideas from No Thank You Skincare to elevate your dating game – including a few ideas on how to treat yourself!



(1) Courtship is Digital

    Text messaging and sending pics, gifs, memes, and emojis are the tools of modern romance. If texting your crush or your significant other isn’t yet your daily habit, it’s not too late to get with the program! Show your playful, flirtatious side to show your person you’re thinking of them and make yourself memorable in their mind.



    (2) Stay Kissable

      While courtship is largely digital, that doesn’t mean you never get together. When your schedules do line up for some face-to-face time, make sure you’re ready with smooth skin and kissable lips. NTY’s A Balm for Lips is a favorite for many in the beauty biz because it helps to plump up your lips, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and protect your lips from harmful things in the environment. There are many CBD lip balm benefits, so pucker up those soft, hydrated lips!



      (3) Pick a Unique Date Destination

        Sure, dinner and a conversation is the classic Valentine’s Day date, but it’s also pretty predictable. For the next outing, why not inject a little adventure and spontaneity in your dating routine? Hit a local market and strike up dramatic (and loud) role plays in front of strangers, take an improv class together, or grab a bottle of wine and pull up to a blank canvas at a paint-n-sip party. Then, skip down the street backwards to celebrate how awesome you are because YOU did something out-of-the-ordinary! Need the Perfect CBD face oil for glowing skin on your adventure? Try the Oil for a Day to fend off environment stressors and support skin’s natural moisture barrier. 



        (4) Don’t skip self-care

          I have a client who suffers from chronic pain and inflammation. Managing pain is a daily chore – and it frequently results in a negative emotional state for her. She’s ready to date, but it’s hard to “bring the fun” when you’re miserable! So she uses NTY’s A Cream for Relief! It’s packed with powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like CBDa so she can put her best foot forward on first meets.

          She likes that it’s natural – “I’m already on enough medications!” – and that it works with her body’s pain receptor and response systems to give her immediate relief without the side effects of the prescription drugs she’s been on. She’s also learned to listen to her body and skip social outings if her mood is down and her vibes are low.



          (5) Entertain yourself

            If you don’t have a steady sweetheart , but you’ve kind of been chatting with someone, come up with a fun activity you’ve been wanting to try and invite them to come along. 

            Don’t over-focus on outcomes like “Is this person boyfriend/girlfriend material?” or “How many boxes will they tick?” When you let go of attachment to the outcome and lose the checklist, something kind of magical happens: If you’re having fun, the energy of the other person will match yours!


            So, make your personal fun your priority. This frees you up to make your own random inside jokes that keep you amused and it lets you be spontaneous in your time together. When you bring a good energy, you link up how you want to feel within the wider experience of dating.



            Whether you are up-leveling your digital flirting game or utilizing NTY products to look and feel better, employ these 5 simple strategies to get the most out of  your dating life and remember to Be Love every day.

            Written by Suzanna Mathews







            Instagram: @TheDateMaven

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