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CBD Skincare Do’s and Don’ts | NTY Blog

CBD Skincare Do’s and Don’ts | NTY Blog - No, thank you

You’ve heard us talk a lot about inflammation and what CBD + CBDa do for the skin and body but we get a lot of questions about some of our best practices and general “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to shopping for CBD skincare and guess what: you ask, we listen and deliver.

Check out our Top 3 CBD Skincare Do’s and Don’ts below: 


Do: Use it daily

What’s the point in situational calming and soothing, right? You want to ensure your skin is inflammation free at all times and an easy way to go about it is with full-spectrum CBD + CBDa skincare.


Don’t: Be scared of it!

We mention CBD myths a lot but to reiterate: NO, IT WON’T GET YOU HIGH. So if that’s what’s been holding you back from giving it a try have no fear. It’s meant to calm your skin down topically where applied but won't alter your senses or functions like THC can.


Do: Use ONLY full-spectrum CBD

Unless you’re using full-spectrum, you’re wasting your time and missing out on crucial benefits. Full-Spectrum means that during the extraction process all cannabinoids remain intact, uncompromised and ready to work on inflammatory responses like aches, redness, irritability and yes, even breakouts.


Don’t: Settle for broad-spectrum

The extraction process is key. You've likely heard the buzz around cold-pressing before - no exposure to heat means more nutritional benefit, compounds and vitamins/minerals remain uncompromised, etc. The same philosophy applies here. Unfortunately, a lot of CBD products on the market (aka broad spectrum) use heat extraction or curing because it's more cost-effective and takes less time. The problem there is when you don't put the effort into the products, the products don't put the effort into your results.  


Do: Partner it with your active ingredients

CBD LOVES active ingredients and helps keep skin calm and balanced, helping increase their intended benefits. So, if you’re using something ultra-strong like a prescription retinoid it can definitely help ease some of the less than great side effects. Or you can just use NTY product like An Oil for All Day or A Mask for Night which contain active ingredients like Vitamin C and Niaciamide respectively.


Don’t: Apologize for loving your NTY CBD products ;-)  

I mean come on….. We don’t really need to justify this one! We’re all about saying NO to inflammation and YES to soothing CBD relief regardless of what that inflammation looks like on your individually-unique skin.


Looking to kickstart your anti-inflammatory skincare routine? An easy way to give yourself some soothing relief is with CBD +CBDa - found in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of our products. Check out our Intro to CBDa Kits HERE and say NO to inflammation today.

For more info on CBD & CBDa, check out some of the videos on our science page or our series of Skincare Science Blogs and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest tips and tricks.

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