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Some of our FAVE local Black-Owned Businesses right now!

Written by Ryan Nelson

Published on 2/15/2022 at 8:00 PM PST

February is Black History Month, but these local Black-Owned Businesses are some of our go-to’s all day, every day! From candles to desserts and apparel, check out some of Team NTY’s personal favorites below:


When Sophie told me about what she was looking to create with this brand and particularly with the candles, I was blown away.  She had put in so much time, effort, and creativity into thinking about a candle that brought culture and representation to the forefront of beautiful and hand-molded waxwork.  You have to see it to believe it and if you own her artwork, it is an absolute delight and empowering piece.  From the intricate delicateness of the facial expressions and the detailing of her “Baddie” Bantu hairstyle, Sophie has created a candle that has a very strong messaging of raising women, women of color, on a pedestal to allow them to envision themselves as leaders, a place in society we are still working towards achieving.  Having a Baddie Bantu next to me definitely inspires me to shoot for the stars and keep working towards gender equality. 

Morika’s Southern Delights Dessert Company

Some of the best cakes and pies I’ve EVER had! I was lucky enough to have attended a few events and gatherings over the past few years that had them cater dessert spreads, and everyone was buzzing over how amazing the team was (and how everything tasted of course!) Such a cool story behind the company and name too. The owner, Norma was inspired by her late grandmother’s skills in the kitchen and after trying some of them out at family functions, pie requests kept coming in and eventually became a business! It was originally going to be called “Southern Delights” but she added her daughter’s name, Morika, into the mix to keep a promise she had made to her. I can’t wait to be down there again so I can have some of that ridiculous Red Velvet Cake again 🤤 🤤 🤤 – you need to check them out!


#JuiceBae is SO good. It’s one of my favorite spots to stock up on juices. They’re bomb for mornings, post-workouts, or just because and I love them because I’m able to get a whole bunch of fruits and veggies into my diet that I typically don’t get with eating alone, plus they’re delicious!

Dope Not Famous

I support DNF clothing because it’s giving recognition to everyone who works hard at their own craft. I love the concept of not having to be “famous” in order to be dope and feel successful.

ONESKIN Dermatology

I have recently gotten the chance to know Rachel on a personal level. Not only is she a kick-ass dermatologist but a beautiful soul inside out. Her personal journey is so inspiring and I love what she represents. Her message on inclusivity makes her stand out in her practice and her journey to start her own practice when the status quo did not fit her values, resonated well with me.  In addition to having her own practice, and three kids, she also has a boutique that promotes her message of inclusivity, so if you find yourself in Chambersburg, check it out! You won’t be disappointed! This lady is going places and I am happy to tag along on the journey.

Lotus Vegan

I found Lotus Vegan at the beginning of quarantine and it quickly became one of my favorite comforts. The menu offers a wide selection of different, fully vegan options so I’ve always been able to take friends and have them find a new favorite. Their specialty is Thai which I could literally eat every day – craving it now as I write this. Support local if you’re in the Valley and try out Lotus Vegan!

Good People

Great breakfast and coffee joint, run by some super nice and welcoming folks in WestLA.  They also do various food pop-ups from burgers to bar b-q.  The ambiance and vibe are superb! Good people, making good coffee, and in a great environment. A great space to be in.  They should upgrade themselves to great people coffee!

What are some of your favorite Black-Owned Businesses we need to know about it? Send us your recommendations on Instagram especially if you’re in the Los Angeles Area so we can check them out!

*All images are courtesy of each brand’s Instagram or Website
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